Everyone can make beautiful picture?
Imagine, you are on your way back home after a fine day out or even after a long day at work. The sun starts to sink and suddenly you see a perfect scene. It is breath taking. You stop and grab your camera.

How come that I could not capture the real beauty?
You want to capture this spectacle of colours and light before the sun is completely gone. And you make sure you take a dozen photos. You rush home and feel excited. While downloading your files on your computer, you discover your images are not that sparkling as you expected. The composition is fine. The colours are comparable with the real image. But you miss that overwhelming sense of beauty that you spotted. To put it blunt: your photo lacks emotion. What did you miss out?

From snapshot to beautiful picture
Thousands of tourists may make hundreds of thousands of “snapshots”. They hope to catch a stunning postcard view. Being in the moment, they did not spot that disturbing garbage can in the corner of their photo. Or being focused on their object, they did not notice that ugly traffic sign. Not to mention the other wandering tourists with their inseparable selfie sticks cluttering your images . Of the hundreds of thousands of photos, there are probably only a few that manage to express the emotional value of that same moment. Not many images approach the sensations they had when pressing the shutter button. And of course many of them even do not bother to take time to look at theirs screen or viewer when pointing at their potential object.
Landscape photography seems simple
Landscapes are very accessible to all of us. They are all around us during our journeys. In addition, landscapes do not move or run away like people do. Landscapes seem the perfect subject to capture on your camera. And yet, many people are not happy with their results when they get home.
Sorts of landscapes
Landscape photography can cover a very wide range of photos. From the original genre a number of subgenres developed such as cityscapes, seascapes, waterscapes, winterscapes, gardenscapes, mountainscapes, forestscapes, etc. …. Sometimes the distinction with nature photography is difficult to make.
Looking for inspiration to make more beautiful pictures?
As a frequent traveller I feel at home in the bigger or smaller cities. I am always looking for beautiful lines, shapes, light and this both in historic buildings and in modern architecture. On my website and over time I will disclose some of my secrets for beautiful pictures. I hope that I can inspire you to continue to look for spectacular landscape lines, both close to home or further away.
I will explore a different aspects of landscape photography in blogs over time and hope you will get inspired to produce the dream photo’s you always wanted.
Let me know for sure what you think by replying to the blog articles. LINK NAAR BLOG PAGINA
And hopefully we meet each other somewhere in nature!

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